Callaway Great Big Bertha

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Callaway hit the market this August with a brand new Great Big Bertha Driver.  The fact that this club bears the same name as the driver that revolutionized the long ball back in the mid 90’s is no coincidence.  The new Great Big Bertha Driver has been engineered to get you more distance and more drives in the fair way.  Plus it’s not bad to look at either.  Here’s the least you need to know:


Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver1. It’s Fast.  When speed = distance, faster is almost always better.  The new Great Big Bertha Driver was engineered with an aerodynamic head shape and multiple metals to create a lightweight club head that glides through the air with very little resistance.  The incredibly thin face means that you’ll be generating higher ball speeds on every swing which amounts to more yards on your drives.


2. It’s Adjustable. An adjustable driver head isn’t necessarily revolutionary these days.  There are a number of drivers out on the market that offer tools to adjust your loft, lie and face angle.  What sets the Great Big Bertha Driver apart is the simplicity of the system.  While some moveable weight technology can be complicated and frustrating, the Great Big Bertha Optifit hosel features a system that allows you to quickly slide the weight to one of 8 different configurations on the track.  Simply put, it’s intuitive and far easier to grasp than some of the other driver technology on the market.


Check out this video from Callaway, which gives you an overview of how the Great Big Bertha Driver can be easily adjusted with the Optifit Hosel and the moveable 10g perimeter weight:



3. It’s Forgiving.  Perimeter weighting isn’t just a fun phrase that Callaway likes to toss around to impress, it’s the key to providing a more forgiving driver.  The 10g sliding weight on the perimeter of the club is there to add stability.  With one swift move, you can slide the weight to help control the dispersion of your shots and hit more drives on line.  The full perimeter track means that you have virtually unlimited options for setting up fade and draw bias and you’ll never sacrifice forgiveness.


If you’re ready to put some power in your back, stop out to any local Austad’s Golf for a free custom fitting session or order your new Callaway Great Big Bertha Driver online 24 hours a day.  Leave no yard behind!




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