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A Golfer's New Year's Resolutions

Monday, January 2, 2017 10:35:11 AM America/North_Dakota/Center

A Golfer's New Years Resolutions



The advent of a new year brings with it the idea of a fresh start.  It’s a time where we can step back and reevaluate what we’ve accomplished and also the perfect time to set some goals for upcoming days.  At Austad’s, we’re pretty much all golfers (some much better than others) so we thought we’d put together our own list of golf resolutions for 2017.


1. Play More Golf – I don’t care who you are, unless you’re a golf pro, you probably don’t play as much golf as you’d like.  This year, we resolve to make more time for golf.  We resolve to take a few hours to sneak in a quick nine or grab our buddies and play hooky on a Wednesday afternoon.  We will play more golf in 2017.


2. Walk more – If you’re like the vast majority of Americans, reducing your waistline by a few inches is probably one of your top New Year’s Resolutions.  Good news – you burn over 700 calories when you walk just nine holes.  Make walking the golf course a regular part of your routine and you’ll easily be able to cross two resolutions off your list this year.


3. Get Custom Fit – If you’ve never been custom fit for golf clubs, make 2017 your year.  Golf clubs with the right length, flex, lie and grip size can make a dramatic difference in the quality of golf you play.  The certified fitting pros at any Austad’s Golf location can help you determine exactly what you need to play better golf and enjoy your time on the golf course a little more.


4. Play a New Course – Most golfers have some kind of a golf course bucket list of courses they want to play.  Make 2017 the year that you play one of those courses you’ve been dreaming about.  And if it’s not the year to play one of the big courses, go play a round at a local course you’ve never tried.  One of the reasons golf is so fun is that every golf course offers something different.  Spice up your golf game and give something new a try this year!


5. Focus Less on the Score – While most golfers resolve to break 80 or 90 or whatever the next level, we’re setting our eyes on something different this year.  In 2017, we resolve to focus less on the score and more on just playing the game.  We resolve to throw the scorecard out every now and then and just enjoy the feel of swinging a golf club.  Life offers more than enough stress and playing golf should be one of the things that helps you relax and have a little fun.


Whatever your goals are for 2017, we wish you the best of luck on your journey.  Remember that golf should be fun – if we all resolve to take ourselves a little less seriously, golf could actually be the thing that brings you some joy.  If you are interested in custom fitting, the team at Austad’s Golf can help you find the specs and clubs that will take your game to the next level.   Find out more about our custom golf club fitting process and why Austad's is a Golf Digest Top 100 Club Fitter for 2017.


BONUS!  Check out Dave Austad's predictions for golf in 2017 and his own golfing resolutions: 




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Posted in Just for Fun By Sara Austad

Golfer's 2016 New Year's Resolutions

Thursday, December 31, 2015 11:31:07 AM America/North_Dakota/Center

2016 Resolutions

1. Get In Shape

If you're like most Americans, the "get in shape" resolution has probably been on your list for a few years now.  Make 2016 your year of health and take some small steps toward a healthier lifestyle.  Why not start by walking 9 holes once a week?

A push cart like the ClicGear 3.5+ is one of the easiest ways to integrate more walking into your game.

Wanna walk more?  A great stand bag makes walking 9 or 18 holes a breeze...and you'll  look pretty cool too!
A great pair of golf shoes are the foundation that a great game is built upon.  This year, get some new shoes and get walking!

2. Refresh The Wardrobe

Why not resolve to throw out that old polo you've been wearing for 12 years and get a fresh new look for the course?  We have hundreds of styles up to 75% off, which means you can also check "save money" off your list of 2016 resolutions.

A great pullover like this Adidas Climawarm 1/4 zip makes a fantastic layering piece that can be worn easily on and off the course.

For a quick update to a stale wardrobe, why not add a fresh new belt?  This Nike Webbing Belt looks great and at $20 it's an accessory everyone can afford!
If you want to surprise your golf buddies in the best way possible, show up to the course in a bold polo like the one above.  2016 is the year of style!

3. Improve Relationships

Want to know the secret to living a good life?  Having great relationships.  Let's all resolve that in 2016, we'll spend less time at the office and more time cultivating relationships with friends and family. 

When you golf with your kids, you're not only spending quality time with them, but you are teaching them about a game that they can enjoy for years.

If you've never hit the links with your significant other, give it a try in 2016!  You'll likely be surprised at how much fun the two of you can have golfing.
Want a great way to have more fun on the course?  Add a game into the mix and you've instantly added more excitement.  Mazuma is one of our faves.

4. Relax More

There's a fair chance that if you are a working adult in America, you're probably over-worked and over-stressed.  In 2016, resolve to take a little more time to enjoy life and commit to some downtime and maybe even a vacation or two.

You know what would be perfect in 2016?  A golf trip.  Get yourself a solid travel cover, load up and hit the links down south.  It's the perfect way to relax.

There may be nothing sweeter than pouring yourself a nice Arnold Palmer (or a John Daly) after a hard day's work or a rough 18.  These golf tumblers are great for a little R&R.
Commit to having more fun in the sun and shade your eyes in the coolest way possible.  These stylin' shades from Callaway are just perfect on and off the course.

5. Play Better Golf

Last but certainly not least, make 2016 your year to play better golf.  With the right equipment and know-how, you'll be shooting lower scores and having a whole lot more fun on the course.

An investment in better equipment is an investment that could pay off big time on the course.  The TaylorMade M1 Driver is the hottest club for a reason - find out why!
Get your short game up to snuff with a practice chipping net.  A little practice with those wedges around the house goes a long way on the course!

Play more accurate golf in 2016 by adding a rangefinder to your bag.  With accurate distances, you'll be knocking down the pin in no time!



Want to stay up to date with all the latest stories, trends and gossip from the world of golf?  Make sure you sign up for our Austad's Golf Insider Newsletter!

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Posted in Just for Fun By Sara Rubin

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