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You’re probably already familiar with Travis Mathew style even if you don’t have any TM-labeled clothing in your closet.  Founded in 2007, Travis Mathew has quickly become a staple on the PGA Tour with pros like Keegan Bradley and Matt Kirk on the team.


Drawing inspiration from Southern California life and culture, the apparel is undeniably cool, laid-back and was designed to be worn by golfers and non-golfers alike.  With a cheeky attitude and seriously great clothing, Travis Mathew is so much more than just a clothing line – it’s a lifestyle.



Travis Mathew Shirts


Travis Mathew Shirts

If you want to instantly take your style game up with zero effort, get yourself a few Travis Mathew polos and throw in a few of their cheeky tees.  The colors and fit are unlike any other golf apparel brand out there.  Add on top of that some of the softest performance fabrics in golf and you may never wear another brand of clothes again.  No joke – the Travis effect is real.


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Travis Mathew Shorts


Travis Mathew Shorts & Pants

If you think throwing on a pair of the same khaki golf shorts you’ve been wearing for 10 years is fine, then you are seriously fooling yourself.  Travis Mathew shorts and pants were designed with comfort in mind and the fabrics used will keep you about 100 times more comfortable than your old khakis.  Add on top of that the unique yet subtle style details that almost no one else is doing and the fairway will easily become your own personal catwalk.


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Travis Mathew Caps


Travis Mathew Hats

It’s a little-known secret around Austad’s that Travis Mathew hats are the thing to have.  When we get a shipment in, half the hats are gone before they even hit the shelves.  TM caps are not only hip and well-designed, but they are ridiculously comfortable.  The stretch in the fitted caps is unlike anything else out on the market and these are caps that you’ll want to wear both on and off the course.


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