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Dads Love Golf Contest

This Father's Day, you could give your dad the ultimate golf gift - a $500 Nike Golf shopping spree from Austad's!

Help us celebrate your Dad and the great memories that can only be created on the golf course this year.  We want to hear your best golf stories with dad and we want to see your favorite family pictures on the course.  If you're a Dad who loves to golf with his kids - we want to hear your stories and see your pics as well!  Let's take some time this Father's Day to celebrate the bond that golf helps forge between father's and their children.

Two Ways to Enter:

    1. Enter via social media

      - Use the hashtag #dadslovegolf15 and post a pic and/or story to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

      - Entries with photos or stories or both will be considered 

   2. Enter via email

One winner will be chosen at random on Thursday, May 18th and will receive a $500 Nike Golf shopping spree from Austad's Golf.  See official rules for specific questions.  Entries may be shared on austads.com or on Austad's social media pages.


The Entries:

Sara and Dave Austad

Growing up in the golf business, I can't really remember a time where golf wasn't a part of my life.  The difference is that for me, golf was always just "dad's job" and to be honest, I didn't really understand the appeal and even actively resented it through some of my more angsty teenage years.  When I finally matured enough to appreciate what an amazing sport golf is, my dad was ready and waiting to show me the ropes.  I've had some amazing times with my dad on the course - from rounds that are laughably bad to the shots that I still think back on and smile.  One of the most important lessons I learned from my dad is that you can't take things too seriously.  Thanks for all the great memories Dad!


 - Sara Rubin (formerly Austad)