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Location:   Austad's Golf Omaha Westwood   |   12155 W. Center Rd.   |   Omaha, NE 68144   |   (402) 758-7000 

At Austad's Golf, we are passionate about helping you play better golf.  Our staff of professional custom fitters have been trained and certified to custom fit golf clubs for all the major brands.  Our goal is to get you the right clubs with the right specifications at the right price and have a lot of fun doing it. 

We aim to give you the best chance for consistent shot making through the latest technology, staff education and fitting systems.  The cost of Custom Fitting can be applied toward your club purchase within 30 days of your fit date.   Check out our full list of fitting services and pricing and if you have further questions, take a minute to learn more about the custom fitting process.  When you're ready, schedule an appointment below and we'll be ready and waiting to help you find the perfect clubs for your game.