3 Reasons BOA Golf Shoes Rock

3 Reasons BOA Golf Shoes Rock

If you’re in the market for some new golf shoes, a shoe equipped with BOA Fit Technology is definitely worth a look.  BOA technology has been around for awhile.  It was initially developed for use on snowboard boots in 2001 and found major success due to the safer, more secure precision fit.  BOA made it’s presence known in the golf world in 2006 when FootJoy first introduced the technology into their shoe line.

Nowadays, almost every major manufacturer has golf shoes equipped with BOA technology.  BOA collaborates directly with each brand to develop a unique dial configuration, placement and guide system.  In other words, every BOA shoe was designed for the best experience possible.


Not sold yet, here are three solid reasons to make BOA your next investment:

  1. Custom Feel – BOA allows you to dial in and make micro-adjustments until your shoe fits exactly the way you want them to.  Traditional laces can only be tied so many ways and many people are unable to achieve that precise fit that helps them perform.
  2. Locked In Fit – Once you find the optimal fit, BOA locks it in place.  Traditional laces come untied and loosen as you walk, which forces you to stop and adjust them throughout the day.  Once you lock in with BOA, your dial stays exactly where you set it all round long.
  3. Durability – BOA does. not. wear. out.  BOA Fit System dials and laces are guaranteed for the lifetime of whatever shoe you wear.  You know that laces won’t last forever, but your love for BOA can last until the end of time.

If you’re still on the fence, we highly recommend stopping by any one of our 10 stores to give a few shoes a test walk.  The fit and feel of a BOA golf shoe may surprise you – we’ve seen many, many converts over the years and you know what they say: “Once you go BOA, you don’t go back-a”.  (Sorry about that one – dad jokes are our bread and butter.)


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