Three Reasons Why the Callaway Rogue Driver Will Improve Your Golf Game

Three Reasons Why the Callaway Rogue Driver Will Improve Your Golf Game

In 2017, Callaway shocked the world when it became the undisputed #1 driver in golf with the launch of it’s awesome Epic Driver.  The revolutionary Jailbreak Technology was an innovation that took us all by surprise and the results we saw in the cage truly did give golfers longer and straighter drives.  A lot of times this is just a marketing line, but time after time, we saw this play out with real data in real time.


Well it’s 2018 and Callaway is back with a new driver that is built on the same technological foundation that the #1 Epic Driver is, but it’s got a few new innovations that definitely get us excited.  Want a quick overview?  Here’s Dave Austad with three key things to know about the Callaway Rogue Driver:


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Want to know more?  Read on for an overview of what makes the Rogue one of the best drivers on the market today.  Here are three things that make Callaway Rogue Driver unique:


1. Improved Jailbreak Technology

Callaway Jailbreak Technology

Jailbreak was a revolutionary innovation in the Epic Driver that used titanium bars to stiffen the crown and sole of the club head.  The stiffer body allows the face to take on more impact from the ball, which gives you a faster ball speed and longer drives.  For the Rogue Driver, Callaway engineers designed titanium rods that are 25% lighter than the Epic version, but just as strong.  This allows weight to be moved in other areas of the driver that can help maximize forgiveness.


Bottom Line: Callaway’s Jailbreak Technology creates a stronger, more stable clubhead, which allows the club face to take more impact.  It gives you higher ball speeds and more distance.


2. Aerospace Engineering

Callaway Boeing Aero Package

Callaway and Boeing have had an excellent partnership for a few years now and it seems like it’s a pair that just keeps getting better!  The Rogue collaboration features an improvement on their Speed Step Technology.  These ridiculously smart people looked at the leading edge of the clubhead, which takes the brunt of impact and they redefined the geometry to improve airflow.


Bottom Line: The new clubhead design flows through the air with less obstruction, allowing you to reach your maximum club head speed.


3. Triaxial Carbon Crown = More Forgiveness

Callaway Triaxial Carbon Crown

The first thing you’ll notice when you line up the Callaway Rogue Driver is how good it looks.  The carbon composite metal is not a new advancement, but it is one that has been key in allowing club engineers to move weight around to maximize results.  In the Rogue Driver, Callaway’s proprietary triaxial carbon composite is extraordinarily lightweight and strong.  This thin, lightweight crown allowed engineers to move weight to the club’s perimeter, which is right where you want it for maximum forgiveness.  Rogue has the largest carbon crown on any Callaway Driver ever.


Bottom Line: The lightweight carbon composite crown allows weight to be moved to the perimeter, which helps preserve distance and direction on off-center hits.  The Rogue is an extremely forgiving driver, which means that you’re going to be in the fairway more often.


Austad’s is proud to be an Authorized Callaway Retailer.  We’re also one of Callaway’s Top 100 Fitters.  If you’re interested in the excellent new Callaway Rogue Driver or any clubs, properly fit clubs will help ensure that you’re getting the most for your money.  Learn more about Austad’s award-winning custom fitting services or book a fitting session online today. 



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