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  1. Memorial Day Golf 101

    Memorial Day Golf

    Memorial Day Weekend in America is the unofficial start to summer.  For many workers, it’s a 3-day weekend that is filled with food, family, friends and hopefully a little sunshine.  For a lot of lucky individuals, it’s also the perfect time to hit the course.  Here’s what you need to know in order to make the most out of your golf this Memorial Day Weekend.

  2. Golfer's 2016 New Year's Resolutions

    2016 Golf Resolutions

    We resolve to make 2016 our best year of golf.  Join us and make your golf resolutions and make this your best year yet.

  3. 10 Perfect Holiday Golf Gifts for Women 2015

    Top Holiday Gifts

    Before you jump in and buy that bag of tees that you know will be just perfect for the golfer on your list, you may want to take a look at what is out on the market.  There are hundreds of amazing golf gifts that any woman would be ecstatic to receive.  Here’s our list for the top 10 golf gifts for women in 2015:

  4. Top 10 Spooky and Haunted Golf Courses

    Haunted Golf Courses

    For many, the scariest thing on the golf course is a snap hook or blow up hole, but at some golf courses, there are things much more frightening than the dreaded snowman.  There are stories and legends of golf courses where spirits roam the fairways and spooks haunt the greens.  It’s said that many double bogeys and lost balls are not the fault of golfers at these courses, but they are caused by the restless spirits who haunt the holes.  We’ve put together a list of the top 10 spooky and haunted golf courses – just don’t read it before bed – you may not sleep!

  5. How Michael Jordan Became Austad's 1990 Cover Model

    Michael Jordan Austad's Golf

    As the creators of the first golf catalog in the world, Austad's has a pretty rich history of interesting cover art. We've featured original artwork, professional models and even Dave Austad covered only by a barrel.  However, we have a handful of covers that are rather legendary.  We pulled in Austad's owner and CEO, Dave Austad, to get the story behind one of his all-time favorite covers - the 1990 Christmas catalog featuring Mr. Michael Jordan.

  6. 12 Ways to Have More Fun on the Golf Course

    Fun Golf

    It’s pretty much a given that if you’re on a golf course, you’re probably enjoying yourself.  However, if you want to make your round even better, we’ve got a few ideas on how to up the fun factor.  Even golfers who are passionate about the USGA and abide strictly by the rules of the game can learn to cut loose and try something new on the course.  So without further ado, here’s our list of ideas for how to have more fun on the golf course:

  7. Got The Yips? Thank Tommy Armour

    Golf Yips

    The yips.  The mere mention of the condition is enough to send even the most level-headed golfer headed for the hills.  Throughout history, the plague of the yips has chosen it’s victims seemingly without reason.  The best golfers in the world can be affected just as easily as the weekend duffer.  And that is what makes them so terrifying.

  8. Golf is Hot in 2015!

    Golf Insider

    2015 may go down as the official year of golf.  Great tournaments, fantastic technology and styles that look great on and off the course.  Find out why this may be the greatest year in golf ever.

  9. Piece of Heaven - The Masters

    Golf Insider

    Masters week is officially here!  Dave Austad has been lucky to attend more than a few Master's Tournaments.  Read up on some of his best memories of Augusta.

  10. Top 10 Arnold Palmer Quotes

    Arnold Palmer Eraser

    Arnold Palmer was a man of seemingly endless wisdom.  We've compiled his top ten quotes here.  Soak it in and learn from the wisdom of one of the greeatest golfers and humans to ever grace this earth.


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