Is a Golf GPS Watch Right for You?

Is a Golf GPS Watch Right for You?

If you haven’t heard, 2015 is the year of wearable tech.  With the advent of Apple’s iWatch and the ever-increasing popularity of wearable fitness trackers like FitBit, it was inevitable that golf tech would enter the sphere. 


Many golfers have played with and have benefitted from GPS for years, but the technology was generally confined to a handheld GPS unit or rangefinder.  Today’s technology puts distances right in your hand or on your wrist to be specific and there a lot of reasons why many golfers should consider a Golf GPS Watch for their game.  So here’s what it boils down to:


Pros of GPS Watches:

Bushnell Neo WatchConvenient – GPS technology with exact distances for every shot right on your wrist.  You never have to worry about pulling your handheld rangefinder out of the bag and scanning the course to find your distance, or god forbid, asking your buddy how far it is to the middle.

Feature-RichEven your standard Golf GPS Watch comes packed with the features you need to play better golf.  All of the watches carried at Austad’s will give you basic distances and a front, middle and back distance on the green.  Some even come with hazard distances, Bluetooth connectivity and score tracking.  You may be a golfer who wants all the bells and whistles or you may be someone who just wants straightforward distances in a convenient place.  Good news is – there is a Golf GPS watch for every person out there.

Intuitive TechnologyFor such a powerful piece of technology, the Golf GPS Watches on the market today are remarkably intuitive.  For the most part, you can take these watches right out of the box and put them to use.


We could do a similar list of cons, but honestly, this is technology that is designed to be additive to your golf game.  By it’s very nature, a Golf GPS Watch is designed to help you play better golf and have more fun.  If your interest is piqued, here are the key things you’ll want to consider when deciding which GPS Watch is right for you:


Golf Buddy BB5Battery Life – Battery life ranges from about 8-12 hours for most Golf GPS Watches.  For most golfers, this more than covers an average day of play, but if you’re a golfer who likes to take in 27 or even 36 holes at a time, definitely look for a watch with a decent battery.

Golf Course Access – You’ll want to find out how many courses are pre-loaded onto any Golf GPS Watch you consider and how many additional courses you have access to.  Many watches will have access to over 25,000 courses – just make sure that the courses you frequent most are available and you should be good to go!

Weight & Color – Like wearable accessory, the aesthetics are as important as the functionality.  Make sure that the weight is something that you are comfortable with and that the watch isn’t too bulky for your swing.

Additional Features – Before you take the plunge and buy a Golf GPS watch, think about what you really need.  Many watches feature a lot of bells and whistles like scorecard tracking, multiple hazard distances and odometers.  Make sure you really need all the extras before you decide to shell out the extra cash.


Golf GPS Watches are undisputedly very cool tech and could be a great addition for your game.  If you’re ready to find your distance, check out our awesome selection of Golf GPS Watches online or at your local Austad’s Golf.



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