Golfer's Gift Guide - Under $50

Golfer's Gift Guide - Under $50

Tis the season folks! Christmas is right around the corner and that means the pressure is on to find the perfect gift for your favorite golfers. The good news is that Austad's has you covered with amazing gift ideas that will inspire and excite even the biggest Scrooge. From golf gifts that are personalized and custom to gift cards that can be used for anything, you'll find a little something for everyone on this list.


Want to know the best part?  Everything on this list is under $50, which means that you can grab something for your dad, your mom, your cousin, your uncle, your spouse and your boss and you won't break the bank. So read up and stock up - your favorite golfers will thank you!


1. Austad's Golf Gift Card

Gift Cards

Our top gift pick shouldn't be a shocker.  An Austad's Golf Gift Card is something that is guaranteed to please just about anyone.  Give your golfer the freedom of choice where they can pick out golf balls, apparel, golf clubs or anything else on their list.  You can never go wrong with a gift card - we promise they'll love it!


2. An Awesome Beanie Hat

Titleist Pom Pom Beanie

No one likes a cold noggin - least of all your favorite golf fan.  That's why this stylish Titleist Pom Pom Beanie Hat makes the perfect gift!  Crafted with incredibly soft acrylic yarn, this hat is as comfortable as it is warm and with a sweet variety of Titleist logos, this is one hat that every golfer will love.


3. Golf Balls

Golf Balls

If you want a gift that is guaranteed to please, you can't go wrong with a dozen golf balls.  Golf balls are an essential item that every golfer needs and everyone needs to restock their golf ball supply from time to time!


4. IZZO Pickle Golf Chipping Game

Izzo golf pickle game

If you've got a golfer on your list who loves to put in a little practice time, have we got a gift for you!  The very cool and very fun IZZO Pickle Golf Chipping Game is something that everyone can enjoy and includes almost everything your golfer needs to make their practice session a little more fun.  You can use it in your garage, basement or outdoors, which makes it one of the most adaptable games in golf.  Just add a wedge and you're good to go. (We sell those too by the way. *wink, wink*


5. Stance Socks

Stance Socks

On the surface, you might not think of socks as being a real exciting gift, but we're here to tell you that you are dead wrong. Stance socks make our list for one of the top golf gifts under $50 because they are so much more than a golf sock.  Designed with extra support, moisture wicking material and a non-slip tab that makes every shoe more comfortable, these socks are a real treat for anyone's feet.  Most of the Austad's Golf staff have been converted to Stance socks and since we're on our feet most of the day, you know we know what we're talking about!


6. Daphne's Animal Headcover

Daphne Headcover

This might be the 382nd year in a row that we've included Daphne's Headcovers on our top gifts list and with good reason.  These absolutely adorable driver headcovers are perfect for almost any golfer.  There are literally dozens of styles to choose from, which means that this is one gift that will be as personal as it is awesome. *All of Daphne's Headcovers rock, but our favorite will probably always be the gopher. :)


7. Callaway Golf Cooler Set

Callaway Golf Cooler Set

You want a gift that is a real no-brainer?  This Callaway Golf Cooler Set is where it's at!  A foldable, transportable cooler that can hold up to 6 beverages is something that pretty much every golfer can use.  Throw in a couple of magnetic koozies and your favorite golfer will never stop thanking you.  At just $24.99, you can afford to throw in a 6-pack of their favorite beer or soda too!


8. Tempercraft 20oz. Tumbler

Tempercraft Tumblers

There might be a few stainless steel tumblers and water bottles on the market, but until you try Tempercraft, you're missing the boat.  These sweet 20oz tumblers feature the same technology as more expensive brands, which means your warm beverages will stay warm and your cool beverages will stay cool.  However, at just $21.99 and in a wide variety of colors, these Tempercraft tumblers are a notch above the rest.



NCAA Golf Towel

If you've got a college football fan on your list, they are going to LOVE these NCAA golf towels!  These oversize microfiber towels are the perfect addition to any golfer's bag.  Featuring an embroidered logo of dozens of top universities, we've got a towel for everyone - including your favorite golfer.


10. Vegas On the Course Game

Vegas golf game

Man do we love this game!  We might be biased, but we think golf is one of the most fun sports around.  It's one of the very few games where players of all skill levels can play together.  This Vegas Chip Golf Game takes your round to the next level with some really great, easy to grasp side games that any golfer will love.


11. A Sweet, Sweet Golf Hat

Golf Hat

It is our firm belief at Austad's Golf that a golf hat might just be the ultimate gift for any golfer (or non-golfer for that matter).  Stylish, functional, personal and affordable.  What more do we need to say?  We've got hundreds of options from Titleist, TravisMathew, Adidas, Ping, Callaway and more.  Grab a few golf hats and maybe one or two for yourself. ;)


12. Men's Boxer Briefs

Men's Boxer Briefs

You might think it's a little weird to buy your boxer briefs at a golf store, but you likely haven't experienced Tommy John's or 2Undr.  These incredible boxer briefs are so technologically advanced that we consider them a piece of equipment that is just as important as anything else in a golfer's bag.  We've got a bunch of fun colors, patterns and styles in stock - something for every golfer who wants a nice *cough, cough* supportive gift.


13. Personalized Golf Balls

Custom Golf Balls

For the Austad's Golf team, personalized golf balls have got to be right up there with gift cards as the ultimate Christmas gift!  Austad's has added a whole bunch of new personalization options this year, which means you can give a gift with personalized text, a funny emoji or even a picture.  Trust us when we tell you that personalized golf balls will truly impress and delight any golfer!


15. Zero Friction Universal Golf Glove

Zero Friction Golf Glove

Your favorite golfer likely already has a golf glove, but it's unlikely that they have a glove as cool as the Zero Friction Universal Golf Glove.  We love the huge array of color options and these awesome golf gloves are one size fits most, which means that they stretch to fit almost anyone...unless you have Andre the Giant hands.


16. NFL Switchfix Divot Tool

NFL Switchfix

If you've got a football fan in the house who also loves golf, this might just be the perfect gift.  The SwitchFix NFL Divot Tool features the official team colors and a removable ball marker with your team's logo.  But the coolest part might just be the switchblade technology, which allows the divot tool to be stored inside the plastic part.  When you press the button, the divot tool whips out, making you look like the coolest kid on the golf green.


17. Soffle 16x16 Waffle Golf Towel

Soffle Golf Towel

The Soffle ain't your mama's golf towel.  This towel is incredibly soft, which makes it's cleaning power even more impressive.  The waffle fabric allows golfers to get into every nook and cranny to keep their clubs shiny clean.  It's also small and lightweight enough to throw in a golf bag, or Christmas stocking. :)


18. Callaway Golf 5-Hole Putting Game

Callaway 5-Hole Putting Game

What's the best way for a golfer to entertain themselves until the courses open back up in spring?  Putting around the house for sure.  This set of 5 practice cups will give your favorite golf fan plenty of ways to practice their putting stroke.  The 5 different sizes means that they can make any putting challenge as difficult (or easy) as they like.  It's the perfect fun, flexible and affordable gift.


19. Mulligan Time Tumbler

Mulligan Time Tumbler

We're not sure you you golf, but at Austad's, we are big fans of the Mulligan.  We love mulligans so much that we created a tumbler with the iconic "It's Mulligan Time" catch phrase.  If you've got someone who likes to stay hydrated and needs a mulligan every now and then, this might just be the perfect gift.


20. 19th Hole Unisex T-Shirt

19th Hole T-Shirt

Last but not least, we're giving a strong "buy" recommendation for the excellent 19th Hole Club T-Shirt.  Cool, comfortable and clever, this t-shirt might just be the perfect gift for any guy or gal.



Well folks, those are our top picks for Golf Gifts Under $50.  If you want to be a holiday hero for your favorite golfer, we guarantee that these awesome items are sure to please.  We've also got a whole lot more, so check out our other Golfer's Gift Guides when you have a minute and don't forget that an Austad's Gift Card always makes the par-fect gift! ;)


Thanks as always for shopping local and supporting family-owned businesses like ours!

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