Masters Recap 2015

Masters Recap 2015

Catch up on the top headlines from the 2015 Masters including the rise of the next wave of promising golfers.

Arnie and Jack, Phil and Tiger, Rory and Jordan?

Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy


There are those who have been beating the “golf is in decline” drum for the past 18 months.  I wonder if those people have watched the last 3 majors.  Rory, age 25 and Jordan, age 21 appear destined to battle each other for major titles for the next two decades.  Each possess the game, swagger and toughness to be two of the game’s greatest.  I had the privilege of attending this Masters – Rory’s star power is similar to Tiger in 2000.  Patrons ran (or briskly walked) to catch a glimpse of young McIlroy.  I expect the same will now happen for Spieth.  Tiger or no Tiger, the game appears to be in good hands for the next 20 years.



What we learned from Tiger at the Masters:

Tiger Woods Masters 20151. Tiger’s short game is back.  Make no doubt about it, Tiger’s chipping was the strength of his week.  No one saw this unbelievable turnaround coming.  I have to imagine this is the most satisfying major for Tiger that he didn’t win.

2. Tiger still looks fragile.  He almost made it through an entire tournament without an injury. That is until Sunday when he hit a root and injured his wrist.  Credit Tiger for finishing strong, but this once again brings up concerns about his durability.

3. Different Tiger off the course, same Tiger on.  It’s refreshing to see Tiger joking with players, helping young Jordan Spieth on the range and being cordial with media.  This hasn’t always been the case.  However, Tiger’s on course attitude remains the same.  CBS had to apologize after microphones picked up Tiger’s expletives after he duck hooked a ball Saturday on hole 13.


Prediction: Tiger will win in 2015, maybe not a major, but he will win a tournament.  This week has to be encouraging for Tiger and the golfing world.



Phil lost Sunday….and Tuesday

Phil Masters 2015



Practice rounds are often times more entertaining than the tournament itself.  Players are friendly, talking with the crowd, signing autographs, skipping balls across the water on 16.  Fans get access to their favorite players in a way that simply doesn’t happen in other sports.  Usually players hit a few balls, putt around on the greens and sign a few autographs.  However, I noticed something very different when following Phil, Fowler, Snedeker and Dustin Johnson on Tuesday.  Each player had the intensity as if it were Sunday at the Masters.  Each player was putting out 3 feet putts.  Each player looked disgusted with poor shots.  Phil and Ricky appeared to be teamed up against DJ and Brandt.  We later learned from one of our vendors that there was some coin on the game.  Phil/Ricky bogeyed 18 to lose.  I think Phil’s 2nd place earnings should offset his Tuesday losses. 




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