PING G400 Driver: 5 Quick Things

PING G400 Driver: 5 Quick Things

If you haven’t heard the news, PING Golf is back with a brand new driver and it is packed with all the technology, innovation and quality that golfers have come to expect from PING.  The G400 Driver utilizes a lot of the same technology as it’s predecessor, the G, but it builds on the foundation and takes it to another level.  If the thought of pounding your drives farther and in the fairway more often has crossed your mind, the G400 is definitely worth a look.  Here are five quick things that set the Ping G400 apart from the competion:


1. The Head is Smaller…But Faster

It’s pretty much standard nowadays to for drivers to use the maximum 460ccs.  Club designers do this to maximize forgiveness, so if a driver is less than 460cc’s, it’s generally geared for a pro-level player who wants to maximize his swing speed.  What Ping has done with the G400 Driver is reduce the head size to 445 cubic centimeters without losing any of the forgiveness. 


Specifically, Ping has said that the head size has allowed for 0.75 mph more club head speed and has increased the MOI (moment of inertia), which is a measurement for forgiveness by 3%.  Here’s a great quote from a member of PING’s staff:


“We didn’t feel pressure to hit 460.  Volume was a free variable for us… and we made it even more forgiving than the G. To be clear, this is not a Tour-only driver; it’s for everyone.”


Bottom Line: The smaller head allows you to swing the G400 faster, which means longer drives.  Even though it’s smaller – it’s genuinely a club that was designed for the everyman.


2. It’s More Forgiving

As mentioned above, PING designed the G400 Driver to be not just faster, but more forgiving than it’s predecessors.  The same Dragonfly technology that was used in the G line was improved for the G400.  Dragonfly is that design on the crown of the clubhead that features raised portions extending out kind of like claws.  What that design does is make the crown stronger, allowing PING engineers to move weight around in the club to areas where golfers need it most. 


Ping G400 Driver Crown


Specifically, the G400 has extra weight in the back of the sole.  You can see the copper-colored elastomer and stainless steel insert, along with two tungsten inserts on the driver sole.  Moving the weight down and low helps produce the ideal trajectory and helps keep your ball from going too far offline on your mishits.


Ping G400 Driver Sole


Bottom Line: PING packed a whole lot of technology into this club, making it extremely forgiving – ideal for golfers of all levels.


3. It’s Not Adjustable, but You’ve Got Options

If you’re a guy or gal who really likes to tinker with their driver on every hole, the PING G400 Driver might not be for you.  That’s not to say that PING doesn’t have options for golfers’ natural swing patterns.  There are actually three versions of the G400 available, meaning that you’ve got some choice when it comes to finding the ideal G400 Driver for your game:


- Standard G400 (9 and 10.5 degrees): Tungsten is placed at the extreme rearward of the sole for maximum forgiveness and wide-spread appeal.

- SF Tec (10, 12 degrees): Tungsten is placed in the heel for 10-12 yards of draw bias, according to Ping.

- LS Tec (8.5 and 10 degrees): Tungtsen is placed more forward than the standard model, shifting center of gravity (CG) toward the face. This reduces spin, and encourages a penetrating flight. It also adds about 3 yards of fade bias. Ping says the G400 LS Tec is about 300 rpm lower spinning than the G LS Tec with the stock Alta CB shaft, and up to 500 rpm less spin with the Tour shaft, which 0.5 inches shorter.


It may be tough to determine which clubhead is right for you.  We recommend that you get custom fit if possible.  An expert fitter will help analyze your swing and ball flight to hone in on the right club.


Bottom Line: While the PING G400 Driver isn’t adjustable, there are three different options that work with your natural swing patterns.  Most golfers will be able to find a G400 that works well with their game.


4. New Materials Mean a Thinner Face

Have you heard?  Thin is in!  At least when it comes to the face of your driver.  The face of the new PING G400 Driver is crafted with T9S+ instead of T9S, which was used in it’s predecessors.  The new material boasts VFT (variable face thickness) and because it’s stronger, it allows for a 20% greater stretch.  What does that mean for you?  More ball speed at impact and longer drives, which is universally appreciated.


Ping G400 Driver Face 


Bottom Line: A thinner face means more ball speed and more distance.  You’re going to like the result.


5. The Shaft is Magic

One of the coolest things about the new G400 Driver is surprisingly the shaft.  PING engineers developed a special paint application that looks different at address than it does head on.  The shaft paint refracts light in different ways and appears copper when looking straight at it but black when you set up and address the ball.

Ping G400 Driver Shaft

The reasoning behind the color shift paint is to help eliminate distraction when you’re teeing up to bomb a 300 yard drive.


Bottom Line: Color shift technology is really cool and even if it doesn’t substantially improve your golf game, your buddies will be impressed.


PING G400 Drivers are available now.  You can order one of these awesome drivers online and have it delivered to your door or find an Austad’s Golf location near you and speak with a Certified PING Custom Fitter today.  Our fitting pros will work with you to determine the right head, shaft, grip and more.



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