Style Inspo - Swannies Summer 2022

Style Inspo - Swannies Summer 2022

If you haven't gotten on the Swannies bandwagon, it's time to hop on board.  This cool Minnesota-based apparel company has been dishing out the hottest men's golf styles for years now and they just keep getting better and better.  We've put together a summer look that is guaranteed to be a hole in one.  What are you waiting for?  Get on that Swannies train - Choo choo!


SWANNIES WALKER POLO - Dogwood blooms are a telltale sign of Spring. Scatter those puppies all over the Walker polo and they're now a telltale sign you're about to turn some heads on the first tee. If not for your high nasty bombs, at least for your sense of syle.  SHOP NOW >>


SWANNIES VANDYKE HOODIE PULLOVER - The Van Dyke Hoodie is the ultimate versatility piece. Perfect for draining putts on the practice green, flushing balls on the range, and lounging on the couch. It’s so comfortable, you won’t want to waste your time changing into anything else.  SHOP NOW >>


SWANNIES SULLY SHORT - No frills performance short -- for life on and off the track. We added a rubberized lining to keep your shirt in place when you go for your 4th putter throw in 6 holes.  SHOP NOW >>


SWANNIES URBAN SNAPBACK HAT - Have you ever stood over a putt and watched the sweat drip off your hat brim onto your ball? Not in the Urban hat you haven't. Don't let the simple design fool you, this lid is a warrior. Comes with everything you need, like moisture wicking fabric, snapback fit, and laser cut holes for ventilation. Devoid of unnecessary items like crappy materials that don't breathe and bad swing advice.  SHOP NOW >>


FOOTJOY FUEL GOLF SHOE -Designed for Golf. Fuel delivers sneaker inspired looks, fit and feel, packed full of golf-specific innovation: support and traction elements.  SHOP NOW >>


FOOTJOY TECHSOF TOUR LOW CUT SOCK - Stretchy and comfortable with subtle style, the POPSICLE belt is crafted from stretch woven materials for a braided look and a perfect fit.  SHOP NOW >>


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