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  1. Introducing the Ping G Family

    Ping G Series

    If you're a Ping fan then it's time to get excited as the company has launched the brand new G Series of woods, irons, and crossovers that are aimed at providing more distance and forgiveness for a wide range of players. Check out the full line below and see one or all might have a future place in your bag:

  2. The Great Big Bertha is Back Baby!

    Callaway Great Big Bertha

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Callaway hit the market this August with a brand new Great Big Bertha Driver.  The fact that this club bears the same name as the driver that revolutionized the long ball back in the mid 90’s is no coincidence.  The new Great Big Bertha Driver has been engineered to get you more distance and more drives in the fair way.  Plus it’s not bad to look at either.  Here’s the least you need to know:

  3. Six Reasons Mizuno Irons Will Make You a Rock Star on the Course

    Mizuno Irons

    There is a reason why Mizuno has been dominating the iron game for years.  They make irons that perform - no question about it.  If you want to take your golf game to the next level, you need to give Mizuno a look.  Read up on six reasons why Mizuno irons will maek you a rock star on the course.


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