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The Square Strike Wedge Will Greatly Improve Your Short Game – and Do It Almost Instantly

The Square Strike Wedge is engineered like a putter with upright lie angle, plus heavier weight. Versus a traditional, thin-faced wedge, the Square Strike Wedge promotes less rotation and a simple straight back and through motion.

Square Strike Wedge Engineering

The Square Strike Wedge’s performance-boosting specs:

  • Loft: 45°, similar to a pitching wedge. That’s enough loft to tackle a variety of lies without popping the ball up and adding excess spin. Think of it as a happy medium between an 8-iron (about 34° loft) and a sand wedge (56°).
  • Length: 35.5”, between a standard men’s putter and a pitching wedge. The SSW is a breeze to handle.
  • Lie angle: 68º, identical to a standard putter and 6º more upright than a wedge. This puts you closer to the ball for a more comfortable setup – and supreme control.
  • Head weight: 330 grams in line with most putters and about 30g heavier than a typical sand wedge. The purpose – to minimize your hand/wrist action while engaging the larger muscles of your arms and shoulders, a la the putting stroke.
  • Grip: Round like the grip for an iron or wood, but 1” longer than standard. The extra inch gives you more room to grip down when needed, which makes the Square Strike Wedge incredibly versatile.

The Square Strike Wedge’s special features:

Anti-Chunk Sole

Extra-wide and gently curved from back to front and heel to toe, the SSW’s sole glides along the turf with silky smoothness. Hit behind the ball and the clubhead will keep right on moving to assure crisp, clean contact – eliminating the ugly fat shots your traditional short irons produce.

The Anti-Chunk Sole also features a series of shallow grooves to reduce friction in sticky or matted grass.

No-Dig Leading Edge

Unlike the sharp edge of a pitching wedge or short iron, the Square Strike’s beveled (angled) leading edge prevents the club from digging. Pair the No-Dig Leading Edge with the Anti-Chunk Sole and, as tester Tony Sodoro said, “You cannot hit this club fat. I tried.”

Anti-Rotational Weighting

The Square Strike’s design team moved weight from the heel area to the toe to prevent excess clubhead opening and closing going back and through. Paired with the SSW’s putter-like length and lie angle, the anti-rotational weighting makes it incredibly easy to swing with a pendulum motion.

Put another way: The blade is engineered to stay square to the target line, so wrist cock and good timing are no longer needed to hit a solid shot.

Precisely Centered COG & High MOI

By moving mass to the toe, the designers achieved two more key enhancements. The Square Strike’s COG (center of gravity) is located precisely in the center of the clubface – and marked by a vertical line – while its MOI (moment of inertia) is higher than a typical wedge.

Result: The SSW delivers deadly accuracy on pure contact, and exceptional forgiveness on miss-hits. Test golfers hit shot after shot directly in line with the target.

Square Path Graphics

The SSW’s low-profile clubface lacks the extreme curvature of a standard wedge, so it sets up dead-square to the target. To further aid alignment, the designers added vertical lines which frame the ball and guide the eyes to swing straight back, straight through.


Here’s sampling of the shots you can play with The Square Strike Wedge:

  • Chip shots of all distances from the fringe, fairway (including tight and spongy lies) and light rough
  • Pitches from 5 – 15 yards off the green from fairway or light rough
  • Medium-height pitch shots of up to 40 – 50 yards from fairway or light rough
  • Bump-and-run shots from fairway or closely-mowed hollows
  • Medium to long shots from greenside bunkers

Yep, this technical marvel is an all-purpose problem-solver.

Square Strike Wedge Testimonials1

Square Strike Wedge Testimonials2


Square Strike Wedge FAQs

Why buy the Square Strike Wedge when you can just use your 7-iron for chipping?

The Square Strike Wedge is simply a more effective chipping club than a 7-iron – or any other traditional iron. Here’s what the SSW has that those clubs don’t:

  1. Shorter length (35.5” vs. a 7-iron at ~37”). It’s easier to control and you don’t have to grip down on the club.
  2. The lie angle of a putter (68°), which is 5-6 degrees more upright than a 7-iron. This puts you closer to the ball and promotes a simple, straight-back-and-through, pendulum-style motion for greater control and consistency.
  3. A heavier clubhead, which engages your arms and shoulders in a putting-stroke type motion while minimizing hand and wrist action. Amateurs using lighter traditional clubs tend tend to overuse their hands/wrists and flick the club at the ball, which causes fat and thin shots.
  4. Extra weight toward the toe, so the clubhead stays square rather than rotating sharply through impact. Golfers rave about how accurate (on-line) their shots are with the Square Strike Wedge.
  5. An extra-wide sole and beveled leading edge, which keeps the Square Strike from digging into the turf (causing fat shots) or snagging in the grass. Traditional irons have much thinner, sharper soles and leading edges.
  6. More loft for greater versatility. There’s a misperception that the Square Strike Wedge has the loft of a 7- or 8-iron. Actually, its 45° loft is 12 – 15 degrees more than a 7-iron, so you can play a wide variety of shots (not just low runners).


If I add the Square Strike Wedge, which club should I take out of my set?

That’s the million-dollar question. In fact, the designers wrestled with it long and hard as they developed the club.

You’ve got a number of options. The most obvious is to replace one of your wedges – especially if you use one primarily for chipping. Perhaps you carry a lob wedge that rarely leaves the bag, or a gap wedge that mostly gathers dust.

Think about the other end of your set, too. Maybe there’s a hybrid or, God forbid, a long iron lurking just to cause you nightmares. Those clubs may well be costing you strokes. Why not pitch one in favor of the Square Strike Wedge?

A couple other ways to look at it: Replace the least used club in your bag, or the least effective.

Whichever club gets the heave-ho, you won’t regret the decision.


Will a left-hand-low or “claw” putting grip work with the Square Strike Wedge?

If that’s how you grip the putter, by all means do the same with the Square Strike.

Tester Henry Barrie had great success with his left-hand-low setup, while Frank Quinn excelled with his “claw” grip.

I advise you to experiment with different grip styles, including your regular chipping grip, to find what’s most comfortable and effective.


Can I play full shots with the Square Strike Wedge?

You can certainly hit shots making a full swing, though you probably won’t get as much distance as with your pitching wedge.

We recommend using the Square Strike Wedge for shots within 40 yards of the flag – that’s well beyond chipping range. But you may find that it work from 70 yards or more.


Does the Square Strike Wedge really work from bunkers?

Yes, indeed – I tried it myself and was amazed. While it wasn’t designed for bunker play, the SSW’s wide Anti-Chunk Sole glides beautifully through the sand. It’s great for longer shots where you need a low ball flight and lots of roll.

When I say the Square Strike Wedge is incredibly versatile, this is what I mean.


How do I know it’s not just a gimmick?

A few testers wondered that, too. Tony Sodoro was among the skeptics, but the 7-handicapper changed his tune after trying it.

“It's a legitimate club that's going to help your scoring and help improve your golf game,” Tony said. “You'll have more fun on the golf course.”

If that doesn’t convince you, how about this: The project’s lead designer, Josh Boggs, previously worked for one of golf’s biggest brands and crafted clubs that made Golf Digest’s prestigious “Hot List.” And while I can’t name names, Josh personally assisted some of the world’s top-ranked players in getting their sets just right.


Does the Square Strike Wedge conform to USGA and R&A rules?

Yep, it’s 100% conforming, which means you can use it in any round, tournaments included.

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