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Men's Golf Socks - A Stylish Treat For Your Feet

Out of everything you bring with you to the golf course, a man's golf socks might just be the most underrated.  Socks are an absolutely essential part of a golfer's wardrobe (unless you're playing barefoot, which, more power to you.)  Most of the time, socks are treated as an afterthought - just something you grab while you're heading out the door.  We would make the argument that you should be thinking a whole lot more about the socks you choose and here's why:

The wrong socks will impact your golf game negatively.  We've all been there - your sock starts shifting as you walk and is annoying at first, but by the end of the front nine you can tell that you're going to have a giant blister.  If your feet are hurting or stressed, that is going to impact your golf swing, which is why it's so important to have the right golf socks. 

Most of the sock styles on the market have experienced dramatice improvements in both materials and fit in the past decade.  Many golf socks are designed with a cotton-poly blend that is not only more comfortable, but is also moisture-wicking.  The fit is also designed with the intention of supporting your foot at every critical position.  Some of the better golf socks feature stronger weaving through the arch, providing your foot with much needed support.  Golf socks of all colors and patterns are also available as no-show designs or feature tabs or longer lengths.  In other words, there is a perfect sock out there for you - you just haven't found it yet.

Austad's Golf is here to help with a full selection of great golf socks that your tootsies will adore.  Check out premium socks from FootJoy, Adidas, Stance, TravisMathew and other top brands - your feet will thank you!  Don't forget that Austad Family Members earn 3% back on every purchase, which means you can buy new socks with those rewards all year long. :)  (Sign up for free today if you haven't already.)

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