Austad Family Rewards




Earn 3% of every purchase at Austad's Golf back in a gift card.


60 Day satisfaction guarantee on all clubs purchased.


Get access to exclusive deals, early bird sales and giveaways not available to everyone.

Ready to meet the fam? Here's Dave & Ryan to give you an overview of what you get as a family member:



How do I sign up to be an Austad Family Member?

     You can sign up at any Austad's Golf Store or when you make an online purchase at  You can also sign up online by filling out the form above.


Does it cost anything?

    No! It is completely free to be in the Austad Family.


How do I earn rewards?

    Every purchase you make at any Austad's Golf Store or at will earn you 3% back in rewards.  If you are a registered Austad Family Member, your rewards will automatically be tracked. Some manufacturer exclusions apply: Ping, Scotty Cameron, simulators and launch monitors, along with gift card purchases are excluded. 


How do I redeem my Austad's Family Rewards?

    All rewards will be issued in the form of a digital Austad's Gift Card. This card number is unique to you and can be used for anything at Austad's Golf Stores or online. If using in store present the card number at the time of purchase. If using online type the number in the Gift Card/Rewards Number space at checkout.


When will I receive my rewards?

    Austad's Family Rewards are tracked and issued quarterly. New rewards will be issued on the 1st of January, April, July and October for the three months prior. You will be notified via email with your Austad's Gift Card as soon as your quarterly rewards balance has been updated.


How do I check my rewards balance?

    There are several ways for you to check your rewards balance. The first is to find the regular email with your Austad Family Member information. If you have your gift card number handy, you can check the balance here. You can also reach out to customer service at [email protected] or ask a staff member at any Austad's Golf Store.


I made a purchase before I signed up - am I eligible to earn Austad's Rewards on that purchase?

    Yes - any purchase made during a quarter, regardless of when you signed up will be applied to your rewards balance.


Why do I need to provide an email address and phone number to join?

    Your email and phone number are required to track your rewards and communicate your reward balance with you. They are your unique identifiers that allow us to credit the correct person with the correct balance. This information will only be used for Austad Family Member communication - we will never sell your information. You may occasionally receive SMS text messages with special offers.


If I return an item do those rewards get taken away?

    Yes, you will only keep rewards on items that you purchase and keep.


What kinds of exclusive offers are included?

    Austad's will provide periodic giveaways and discounts that are not available to the general public. Communication regarding these offers will be sent via email or SMS Text.


How does the 60 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee work?

    As an Austad Family Member, you will get 60 days, as opposed to 30 days to try out any new club that you were custom fit for. This means that you'll have 60 days from when you receive your clubs to take them out and play. We're confident that we can find you the right clubs, but if you don't love them bring them back within 60 days for a full refund in the form of store credit. Austad Family Members can return up to one club from each category over the course of a calendar year.


Are there any products excluded from earning rewards?

    Just a few exclusions. All PING clubs, Scotty Cameron Putters, simulators, launch monitors and gift cards are excluded.  Corporate, team or tournament orders do not qualify for rewards.

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