The Club Doctors are in! The Austad’s Club Doctors are experts in their field with years of firsthand experience fixing/repairing/reviving golf clubs! From complex bending to simple regripping, be assured our Club Docs have the expertise to get you taken care of. Give us a call or bring your clubs into the shop for an evaluation.


Items with an * may be sent to our Garage Build Shop in Sioux Falls for work.

Regripping (per club plus cost of grip) $3.00
Remove and install grip $5.00
Loft/Lie Adjustment $5.00
Reshaft (shaft sold separately) $20.00
Shorten Club $5.00
Lengthen Club $9.00
Reset Club Head $10.00
Remove Shaft Rattle $5.00
Remove Rattle In Head $10.00
Change Swing Weight $4.50
Spike Change $7.00
Club Stamping (Max 15 characters & 5 colors)* $20.00
Custom Ferrule* $5.00 + Reshaft
Refinishing* $15.00
Cerakote Refinishing* $50.00 Per Head
Shaft Labels* $14.99 for 20 Labels


Garage Build Shop Doctor
Bryan Sterk has been a golf repair specialist for the better part of the last decade.  “My Dad was a carpenter who had the mindset that if you didn’t know how to do something, go learn it,” said Bryan.  Since the age of 10 Bryan has been teaching himself the ins and outs of golf club repair, refinishing, fitting and customization. 

“I spend most evenings watching youtube videos or searching Instagram for new ways of revitalizing golf clubs. My passion is to take something that is broken, old or worn out and turn it into something beautiful and functional.” 

It's a good thing Bryan likes working with his hands as he estimates he has regripped over 50,000 golf clubs. “Building, re-shafting, re-gripping or refinishing clubs is fun, but I get the most joy out of creating a custom club unique for my customers,” says Bryan.  "Each golfer has a unique personality and a unique story, my passion is bringing that personality out in my customer's favorite possessions, their golf clubs!" 

Bryan has built a reputation on quality and craftsmanship across the Midwest offering a product not available in most parts of the country.  Austad’s Garage Build Shop is proud to have Bryan as the leader of our build team.


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