The Club Doctors are in!  The Austad’s Club Doctors are experts in their field with years of firsthand experience fixing/repairing/reviving golf clubs!  From complex bending to simple regripping, be assured our Club Docs have the expertise to get you taken care of.  Give us a call or bring your clubs on in to the shop for an evaluation.


Club Repair Services include but are not limited to: 


An often overlooked piece of your equipment is the actual piece you touch on EVERY shot! Austad’s Club Doc’s will fit you for the right grip before installing on your clubs.  While regripping clubs is relatively simple, there are some intricacies our Club Docs have mastered through years of experience. 

Want to save your current grip?  Let our Club Docs know and they’ll do what they can to save the grip!


First and foremost EVERY golfer should have their clubs fit to their swing.  Without the proper loft/lie your chances of hitting consistent shots are small.  Second, golfers need to know that your loft/lie can and will change over time with use.  Your golf clubs make impact with the ground on nearly every shot which over time can cause small deviations in your club specifications.  Let the Austad’s Club Docs measure your loft/lie angle each season, correcting for any abnormalities and giving you the best chance to play your best golf!


Sometimes shafts break.  Sometimes you’ll want a shaft upgrade.  Sometimes you be fit into a shaft that is better for your swing.  Regardless of why you want a new shaft, Austad’s Club Docs are here to ensure it gets installed correctly.


First and foremost EVERY golfer should have their clubs fit to their swing.  Without the proper shaft length your chances of hitting consistent shots are small.  Austad’s Club Docs will get you fit to the proper shaft length giving you the best chance to play great golf.  Once fit properly the Doc will begin a simple procedure to shorten/lengthen your clubs.  You’ll be out playing golf again in no time at all with clubs that are designed specifically for you!


Austad’s Club Doctors are masters are resetting heads.  Whether you need an iron, wood or putter reset, be assured we can handle it!  Please note that after your club is Re-epoxied you will need to allow your club 24-48 hours of rest before use, Doctors orders.


A ferrule is the plastic piece that transitions the shaft to the club head.  Over time these can become loose or even break.  Austad’s Club Docs can replace your ferrule extending the life of those you are closest with…your clubs.


Sometimes rattles can occur in either your shaft or the club head itself.  Austad’s Club Doctors often do exploratory surgery to find the source of the rattle and fix it.  Your club will be back to normal and performing just as it was before you know it!


Swing weights are an important part of the fitting process.  If you find you are consistently hitting one shot (a slice for example), swing weights can help mitigate that issue.  Through the fitting process our Club Doctors will determine what is needed before making the proper adjustments to your clubs.  Please be aware that noticeable improvements to your game will likely occur.  




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