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  1. Travis Mathew Apparel

    Travis Mathew Apparel

    You’re probably already familiar with Travis Mathew style even if you don’t have any TM-labeled clothing in your closet.  Founded in 2007, Travis Mathew has quickly become a staple on the PGA Tour with pros like Keegan Bradley and Matt Kirk on the team.

  2. 5 Must-Have Pieces of Apparel for Fall Golf

    Fall Golf

    As a golf company based in the upper Midwest, we’ve played more than our fair share of cool-weather golf.  Every year, come September, the temperatures start dropping and we just want to hang onto as much of the season as we can.  The good news is that the quality of cold-weather gear has improved dramatically and a dedicated golfer can easily play comfortably when it’s 50 degrees or when it’s 85 and sunny.  Check out our short list for the apparel you need to survive fall golf.


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