5 Reasons To LOVE Jack Wolfskin

5 Reasons To LOVE Jack Wolfskin

If you haven’t heard the name Jack Wolfskin yet, get ready because you’ve met your new favorite outerwear brand.  This European import has been making waves in the states for a few years now and their jackets, pullovers and outerwear have become instant favorites among the Austad’s Golf staff.  Comfortable, cool and always designed with the outdoors in mind, every one of these pieces was selected because we love them, plain and simple.


Not sold yet?  Here are 5 more reasons why we think you will love Jack Wolfskin just as much as we do:


1. They’re Middle Aged.

Like Austad’s Golf, Jack Wolfskin has been around the block a few times.  You may call us old, but we like to think we’re just more experienced.  Founded in 1981, Jack Wolfskin has the history to know what works and they have consistently created outerwear that is stylish, comfortable and exactly what nature-loving folks like you need.  We’re not sure if Jack Wolfskin ever went through an awkward teen phase, but we do know that at 40+ years old, this company is aging like fine wine and we can’t get enough.


2. They really LOVE nature.

There are many companies that try and do a lot of things well, but we’ve found that those who focus on their strengths are the ones who hit it out of the park.  Since it’s inception, Jack Wolfskin’s goal has been creating gear to help you get outside more.  This company is passionate about the outdoors, whether that’s hiking, camping or our personal favorite, golfing.  If there is a jacket that will get you golfing into the cool fall months, Jack Wolfskin is going to design it.  Because they love you.  And they love nature.  And they really want you two crazy kids to hook up more often.


3. Stylish like your Sunday best…Comfortable for your Sunday lounging

Oh man, if you haven’t slipped into a Jack Wolfskin sherpa yet, let me tell you that it will probably change your life.  These jackets and pullovers are planted firmly at the intersection of the most comfortable piece of clothing you own and the jacket that makes you feel like a million bucks.  From the materials chosen to the impeccable design, we’re sure Jack Wolfskin’s outerwear pieces will become instant favorites.  You’re welcome.



4. Functional. Like the Swiss Army Knife of apparel.

What good is style without a little substance?  Jack Wolfskin has baked a whole lot of bells and whistles into their jackets and pullovers that have made buyers absolute fanatics.  One of our favorite pieces is the incredibly warm down jacket that pack into a ridiculously small pouch.  Small enough to thrown in your golf bag, it’s the perfect playing partner for rounds with dicey weather.  Other bonuses include jackets with extra pockets, high zip hoodie jackets to keep the wind out and fabric choices that will help your Jack Wolfskin jacket last for an eternity…or for a really long time.  Whichever comes first.


5. Sustainably Crafted Outdoor Gear

It probably won’t shock you that a company who loves the outdoors loves taking care of our planet.  All of the materials used in Jack Wolfskin clothing are sustainably sourced and many of their pieces are crafted using recycled materials.  From their transparent supply chain to their focus on social responsibility, Jack Wolfskin has made it clear that they are committed to leaving the world a better place.  Doesn’t that just give you warm fuzzies?


To sum it up, we really love Jack Wolfskin outerwear and we really think you will too.  If you’re still not sure you want to give them a try after reading this incredibly amazing article, you might just be a lost cause and we pity your sad and lonely existence. 


Just kidding.  This is a judgement-free zone.  No hard feelings here.  You’re probably wrong and are making the worst mistake of your life if you don’t at least try on a Jack Wolfskin jacket, but you do you friend!


Check out Jack Wolfskin Outerwear at select Austad’s Golf Stores or shop our selection online.


**Note: All models used in this article are Austad’s Golf employees who were coerced with the promise of free candy to model for us.  Thank you guys – you look fantastic!**

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