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Men's Boxers & Underwear - Support Your Golf Game From The Inside-Out

You might not think of men's boxers or underwear as a quintessential part of your golf wardrobe, but we would argue that if you wear it while golfing, it's important enough for Austad's to sell.  In fact, we looked at many, many men's boxer manufacturers and settled on a just a handful who have each created boxers that are technologically superior to anything else on the market.

You'll want to look for a couple of things when shopping for boxer briefs.  First, you want your underwear to be comfortable.  The material should be stretchy and not restrictive.  When playing golf, you're moving and twisting and you're going to want a pair of boxer briefs that will allow you to swing for the fences without getting bunched up. 

Second, you want a pair of boxer briefs that will be supportive.  Just like a good partner, your underwear needs to support you and your *ahem* buddies.  Companies like 2Undr have created technology like the Joey Pouch, which is specially designed to support you in the areas you need it most.  While not generally as strenuous as sports like tennis or basketball, golf is still an active sport and you're going to want a pair of underwear that will allow you to perform.

Last but not least, you're going to want a pair of boxer briefs that is breathable and moisture-wicking.  A lot of golf rounds are played in the heat of summer and having clothing that will keep you cool and comfortable is absolutely essential.  The technical poly-fabrics used in today's men's underwear was designed to perform through even the most uncomfortable weather.  As an added bonus, the fabrics are some of the softest in the world, which means you might never want to take these boxer briefs off.  Although we strongly recommend that you change your underwear daily know...stink happens.

Some of our favorite men's boxer and underwear brands include 2Undr, Tommy John and TravisMathew.  In our opinion, you can't go wrong with any of these so give them a try - we're betting you'll love them.  Don't forget that Austad Family Members earn 3% back on every purchase.  (Sign up for free today if you haven't already.)

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