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  1. Wilson Triad Golf Balls

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  2. Wilson Duo Optix Golf Balls

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Ready to take your golf game to the next level?

The golf ball may be one of the smallest items in your golf bag, but it’s arguably the most important.  It’s the one piece of equipment that you are guaranteed to use on every shot and yet many golfers just grab whichever ball is cheapest or whatever is sitting around in their garage.

At Austad’s, we are proud to carry a wide selection of golf balls from the top brands in golf.  Whether you are an experienced golfer looking for a tour-proven Titleist ball or a weekend warrior who is just looking to add a little distance to his drive and keep it in the fairway more often, we have got the perfect golf ball for your game.  Some of the top golf ball brands we carry include Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, Srixon and TaylorMade.  Our wide assortment and strong partnerships mean that you’ll always find your golf ball at the best price at Austad’s. 

If you want to really make a statement, you may want to try a colored golf ball.  Most major brands have followed trend-setting Volvik and you can now find colored balls from almost every manufacturer in almost every color imaginable.  You could also go for a personalized golf ball, which will make you feel like a touring pro, even if you don’t always play like one.  Personalized golf balls make a great gift for any golfer – check out our selection today.  Our stores are also the premier destination for golf balls and all golf equipment.  With eight locations in Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska, if you're in the upper Midwest, there is likely an Austad's near you!

As with your golf clubs, you’re going to see the best results from your golf ball if you get custom fit.  Our team of Master Fitters will help you test a variety of options to identify the golf ball that has the ideal spin, launch and feel for your unique swing.  Sign up for a custom golf ball fitting session today and see what you’ve been missing!

Ready to elevate your golf game to the next level?  Talk to one of our Certified Club and Ball Fitters today and we'll help you find the perfect golf ball for your unique golf game.  From helping you gain distance to helping you find the fairway more often, Austad's Golf has the technology, expertise and selection to get the right golf ball in your bag.  Learn more about our award-winning custom fitting process and schedule your fitting session today.  

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