Three Reasons Why the Callaway Epic Driver Should Be in Your Bag

Three Reasons Why the Callaway Epic Driver Should Be in Your Bag

Today we’re going to talk about something pretty great.  How you can get more distance and land your drives in the fairway more often by doing just one thing.  That thing happens to be buying a new driver, but we’re in the golf business, so at Austad’s, this is definitely a recommendation we can get behind. 


Chances are by now, you’ve heard something about Callaway’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver.  You’ve either caught a Callaway commercial or seen an ad in a magazine or maybe you’ve seen one of Callaway’s tour pro’s hitting the Epic.  I’ll put it simply – this driver is awesome and has quickly become the hottest driver in our stores this year.  Don’t take my word for it though, let Dave Austad give you the rundown on why Epic is the perfect name for this club:


1. Jailbreak Technology

Callaway Jailbreak Technology

I’m going to get a little technical here for a minute so bear with me.  With most drivers, when you hit the ball, the impact actually causes the crown and sole to spread apart vertically.  It’s hard to see and you probably don’t really notice it, but this diverging of the sole and crown actually causes the driver to lose energy and when you lose energy, you’re missing out on power and more distance.


To combat this energy loss, Callaway engineers designed two 3g titanium bars right behind the face of the Great Big Bertha Epic driver.  These bars connect the crown and sole and actually stiffens the structure.  This means that the face has to flex more, which gives you more ball speed.  What does more ball speed mean?  Say it with me kids – more distance!  The Epic Driver is the only club on the market with Jailbreak Technology so if you want to see if it works (and it does), you’ll have to give Callaway a try.


2. Carbon Crown

Callaway Carbon Triaxial Crown

There are a couple of technological advancements in golf that have revolutionized equipment.  The realization that a thinner, lighter crown is the key to moving weight around and optimizing distance was one of those discoveries that set drivers on a new path.  The crown on the Callaway Epic Driver is primarily Triaxial Carbon, which is a ridiculous 30% lighter than previous versions and 64% lighter than the titanium crown on the Callaway XR 16.  In other words, this driver is built for distance.


52% of the body is actually Triaxial Carbon (which is a lot) and that Carbon is bonded to the Titanium on the inside of the driver. This design allowed for an extra 37g of weight to be moved around and played with, which leads me to my next point.


3. Callaway Opti-Fit

If you like to tinker with your clubs and really “dial in your game” as the kids are saying, you will love the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver.  You can easily adjust the loft on the shaft by using Callaway’s OptiFit Hosel. 


Callaway Epic Weights

Callaway also brought in some technology that we first saw with the reintroduction of the Big Bertha Driver.  There is a 17g weight in the sole that can be moved in any one of 17 positions to help create a draw, fade or straight shot.  It can actually vary the spin by up to 450rpm and create up to 17 yards of “correction”.  What that means is if you know how to use this technology (and it’s very intuitive), you should be able to land the ball in the fairway more often.


To know if the Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic Driver is right for you, you really need to swing it.  Stop by any Austad’s Golf location to try the Epic Driver today or better yet, sign up for a custom fitting session online and have one of our Master Fitters work with you to compare the Epic to other options and let the data tell you what driver is right for you. 


A note here – we do charge for our premium fitting services, but the cost of any fitting session is applied to a club purchase within 30 days.  If you’re really interested in getting new clubs this year, getting custom fit will ensure that you get clubs that will help you play better and have more fun on the course.



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