Spikeless Golf Shoes - Everything You Need To Know

Spikeless Golf Shoes - Everything You Need To Know

Golf Shoes.  Back in the day it was all metal spikes and traditional saddle styles.  There were limited options for golf shoes on the market so inevitably golfers would end up settling for any shoe that would fit.


We’re happy to say that the market for golf footwear has vastly improved and there is a style and fit for just about everyone on the fairway.  In particular, spikeless golf shoes have grown dramatically in popularity and now represent the majority of golf shoes worn by amateurs. 


If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.  This is the ultimate guide for everything you want to know about spikeless golf shoes.


First things first, what are spikeless golf shoes?


In a nutshell, spikeless golf shoes offer much of the traction, support and technology of a traditional golf shoe, but without the removable spikes.  The spikeless sole features hardened, durable dimples that help grip the turf through the swing.  The styles for spikeless shoes are generally more casual and can easily be worn on and off the golf course.



Who should wear spikeless golf shoes?


To be completely blunt, spikeless golf shoes are for any and everyone.  The versatility and comfort of most spikeless shoes makes this style a great fit for golfers who walk, casual golfers who might not play every week, golfers who don’t want to mess with changing shoes before and after a round or golfers who just like the spikeless style.  From ametuers to professionals, spikeless golf shoes are a great fit.


So – breakdown time.  What are some specific benefits and what are the downsides to spikeless golf shoes?



  • Lightweight – In general, spikeless golf shoes are going to be more lightweight.  This might not seem like a big deal at first, but a lighter shoe will make it easier to sustain energy throughout your golf round – especially if you walk.
  • More comfortable – While there are some exceptionally comfortable spiked golf shoes on the market, spikeless golf shoes are designed with comfort in mind.  Everything from the insole to the materials to the sole of the shoe is geared toward giving your the most comfortable experience on the golf course.
  • Versatile – As we mentioned before, spikeless golf shoes can be worn anywhere.  With traditional spiked golf shoes, you generally would not put them on until you would take them off after your round to maintain your spikes.  You don’t have to worry about that with a spikeless shoe.  Many golfers even wear them as regular shoes if they like the style enough.
  • Kinder to the course – The new softspikes are much gentler than they used to be, but spikes can tend to rip up the golf course.  When you swing, your feet move and spiked shoes can pull up the grass, leaving a clear path showing where you’ve been.  Spikeless shoes are a bit gentler, which might not be a big deal overall, but you might get that warm feeling of knowing you’re doing something nice for your golf course.


  • Traction – There’s no way around it, even the very best spikeless shoe probably isn’t going to offer you the traction of a traditional spiked golf shoe.  That being said, unless you are playing in wet conditions, your spikeless shoes should offer plenty of staying power to let you grip it and rip it.
  • Durability – Spiked golf shoes will always have a slight leg up here due to the fact that you can change out your golf spikes as they wear down.  Spikeless shoes have one sole and one sole only and they can wear down over time.  However, depending on how often you play, you should still be able to get a few solid seasons out of any golf shoe – spikeless or not.



Got a few more questions?  Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about spikeless golf shoes:


Spikeless Golf Shoe FAQs:


  • Do I need golf shoes if I’m a beginner?
    • Not necessarily.  If you’re just giving golf a try and aren’t sure if you are going to be a regular player it’s probably not going to be worth it to spend money on golf shoes right away.  That being said, we’d love to sell you a new pair of golf shoes.  Because that’s what we do – we sell awesome golf gear.  We’re not begging, but please buy some golf shoes from us.
  • What makes a golf shoe different from a regular shoe?
    • In a nutshell, golf shoes were designed for golf.  The nubs that you find on the bottom of a spikeless golf shoe are there for a reason.  They provide traction and grip the ground as you swing, giving you a supportive base to hit the great shots we know you want to hit every time.  Unfortunately once you have the right golf shoe, you can no longer blame your shoes for that crappy shot you hit.
  • How long do spikeless golf shoes last?
    • This depends on how often you play and how often you wear your shoes.  A good spikeless golf shoe should last you at least a few years.  However, if you are rocking your golf kicks off the course and walking on harder surfaces, they will definitely wear down faster.  Just check out the soles from time to time to make sure your nubs are looking fresh and fine.
  • Do professional golfers wear spikeless golf shoes?
    • Yep!  Golfing greats like Adam Scott, Justin Rose, Lee Westwood, Louis Oosthuizen and others have all gone spikeless.
  • Do spikeless golf shoes work?
    • You bet.  In most conditions, spikeless golf shoes are going to work great and will give you all the traction you need.  Wet or slippery conditions are where spiked golf shoes have a leg up, but if you’re a fairweather golfer, you should definitely give spikeless shoes a try.
  • Are spikeless golf shoes just like tennis shoes?
    • There are some key differences between spikeless golf shoes and a regular old tennis shoe.  Like any specialty athletic gear, golf shoes were designed to help you perform on the golf course.  The sole is the key difference here with the strategically placed nubs helping to grip the turf through your golf swing.
  • Are spikeless golf shoes less expensive than spiked golf shoes?
    • Sometimes but not always.  Both spikeless and spiked golf shoes are available in a wide variety of price points, meaning there are options out there for every budget.  Most of the time the key difference in price comes down to the materials, which varies for both types of golf shoes.
  • How do I know if spikeless or spiked golf shoes are right for me?
    • Our best recommendation here is to head out to your favorite local golf store (Austad’s is the best in our completely biased opinion) and try on a variety of shoes.  If you don’t have a golf store near you, check out reviews and product descriptions online.  Your golf shoes are a piece of equipment just like your clubs and you definitely want to get the right fit for your game!


If you’re in the market and want to do some shoe shopping, check out our full selection of spikeless and spiked golf shoes.  Our buyers comb through hundreds of styles from the top golf shoe manufacturers every year to find the very best options for our customers.  We’re sure that even the pickiest golfer can find something they love.


Happy golfing friends!


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