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  1. 20 Ways to Play Better Golf Now

    Play Better Golf Now

    Golf is one of those fickle games that mirrors life in an almost uncanny way.  Just when you think you’ve got things figured out, you snaphook your drive into a pond and have to take a drop.  Sometimes you bounce back and recover from those shots and other times it seems like your golf game is on some sort of death spiral and you’re just clinging on for dear life. 

  2. What We're Loving This February

    Stuff We Love

    To many, the definitions of love and family are almost interchangeable.  When you work in a family business, there are days where this is definitely true but to be perfectly frank, there are also days where we can’t seem to agree on anything.  In that respect, a family business is just like any other except for the fact that we probably yell a little louder and give each other a little more crap and at the end of the day, we all get together for a big family dinner and play board games.

  3. A Golfer's New Year's Resolutions

    Golfer's New Year's Resolutions

    The advent of a new year brings with it the idea of a fresh start.  It’s a time where we can step back and reevaluate what we’ve accomplished and also the perfect time to set some goals for upcoming days.  At Austad’s, we’re pretty much all golfers (some much better than others) so we thought we’d put together our own list of golf resolutions for 2018.

  4. 105 Hilarious Ways to Personalize Your Golf Balls

    Personalize Golf Balls

    Whether you're buying them as a gift for your favorite golf buddy or ordering a dozen for yourself, personalized golf balls are the ultimate way to own the golf course.  With most personalized golf balls you get 3 lines and up to 17 characters per line to show the world your personality.  Many golfers opt for something simple and straightforward like a name or nickname, however, here at Austad's, we like to be a bit more creative and have come up with a list of 105 hilarious ways to personalize your golf balls.  Feel free to use any or all of these when you place your order!

  5. 25 Things That Should Be On Every Golfer’s Bucket List

    Golf Bucket List

    You may or may not have seen that moderately awful movie, “The Bucket List” starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Even if you haven’t seen it, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a bucket list.  As golfers, there are infinite numbers of goals and acheivements that we can add to a bucket list, but we thought it would be fun to put together a golfing bucket list for the ordinary man.  These are 25 things that every golfer should do at some point:

  6. The 15 Ugliest Ryder Cup Outfits In History

    Ugly Ryder Cup Outfits

    As far as blog posts go, this one was exceptionally interesting to research.  For those who don't know, the Ryder Cup has  a long and storied history that goes back to 1927.  Virtually every important figure in golf from America or Europe has played in the Ryder Cup for the past 89 years and it's history provides us with an amazing treasure trove of stories, photographs and competition.  

  7. 101 Things You May or May Not Know About Arnold Palmer

    101 Things About Arnold Palmer

    Golfing great Arnold Palmer was a titan in the sport of golf and was loved around the world by fans and members of Arnie's Army.  Not only was Palmer instrumental in popularizing and bringing golf to a mainstream audience, he was truly one of the biggest crossover stars from any sport.  Incredibly charismatic, people felt like they really knew Arnie, whether they were just watching him on TV or getting a free autograph from him in person.  His love for the game of golf and for life has always been respected and admired and Palmer left a legacy through his many charities and larger than life personality that will be remembered and missed for years to come.  

  8. 10 Fantastic Bobby Jones Quotes

    Bobby Jones Quotes

    Bobby Jones is a legendary and towering figure in the world of golf and for good reason.  The man was a lifelong ameteur, playing golf only in spurts in late teens and 20's while picking up various Ivy League degrees.  Between 1923 and 1930, Jones entered 20 major championships and won a stunning 13 of them.  Going out on top, Bobby Jones retired from championship golf at the age of 28.  Perhaps his most lasting legacy is Augusta National Golf Course, which he founded and helped design.  Here are some words of wisdom from Bobby Jones, a titan of golf:

  9. Great Golf Photography - Dave's Faves

    Sand Hills Golf Course

    Over the years, Austad's Golf owner and CEO, Dave Austad, has had the opportunity to play some incredible golf courses.  Playing these courses also gives Dave the opportunity to indulge in one of his other passions - photography.  We had Dave hand select a few of his favorite golf shots to share.  Enjoy!

  10. Fun Fact of the Day 1

    Golf Fun Fact   Fun Golf Fact of the Day: Don’t feel bad about your high handicap, 80% of all golfers will never achieve a handicap of less than 18.      Want to stay up to date with all the latest stories, trends and gossip from the world of golf?  Make sure you sign up for our Austad's Golf Insider Newsletter Read more...

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